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FEATURED REVIEW: LA Weekly Article and World Premiere of "Chopping Down The Joshua Tree" Music Video, Jan 18, 2016


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LAist Review of "Chopping Down The Joshua Tree" Music Video, Jan 18, 2016


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Audiophile Review of "Lost TItle Tracks" Vinyl Release, July 13, 2015


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Monrovia Weekly Preview of Trackers show at Pacific Plate, June 30 2015


The Title Trackers Featured in Music Connection "Producer's Crosstalk" Section, May 6, 2015


MetalJazz Review of Live Set at Pig n Whistle March 14, 2015 by Greg Burk


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"Lost Title Tracks" Lead Story on, Feb 19, 2015


The Title Trackers Interviewed in Runner's World Magazine, March 5, 2015


Review/Preview by Rick Damigella, @LinerNotes


Interview with









“I think the songs are really good and I think the concept is brilliant. ‘Exile’ is unmistakably Stones - hats off to you.”

Alan Parsons – Legendary Producer/Engineer/Artist


"The greatest songs that never were. Why didn't someone think of this before?"

Randy Lewis - Los Angeles Times


"I thought the Title Trackers was really well done - very clever and super fun. The musicianship is excellent, the writing goes back and forth between craftsmanlike and downright funny and the production is really good."

Peter Jesperson - New West Records, Replacements manager in 1980's


"Tom Petty should really consider covering 'Full Moon Fever'"

Audiophile Review


“In a town that loves classic rock and blues, I think The Title Trackers will bring a unique blend of incredible music and talent combined with parody and showmanship."

Chip Holloway, Exec Director, Desert Empire Fair


“The songs are just brilliant. I like ‘Joshua Tree’ way better than U2, and ‘Exile’ rocks the like the very devil. And they both spotlight the band’s production expertise.”

Greg Burk – LA Times, LA Weekly,


“A fun and interesting project!”

Mark Nardone – Senior Editor, Music Connection Magazine

“What a great concept and project to honor such a great era of music and album making.”

Richie Cannata – Saxophone/Organ for Billy Joel’s Band


“In the vast, post-2K landscape of Remix Culture, it is exceedingly rare to come across artists doing an original take on anything. The guys in The Title Trackers, however, are a breed apart.”

Rick Damigella – .@linernotes Music Blog


“The Title Trackers are one of a kind – they give each of their songs an unexpected and entertaining backstory. Their show is definitely not just any concert. They are a trio of incredibly talented musicians, bringing the fun back onto to the stage!"

Reena Dutt – Producer/Director/Actor, Off Chance Productions





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