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Springsteen at 70

There's a lot that can be said about Bruce Springsteen, and the reasons to celebrate his music and his accomplishments. As for why we are putting on a show in honor of his birthday - we just like him. A lot.

He's been an influence on every one of us. Some of the artists we have paid tribute to over the years weren't favorites of all three of us from when we were kids - before we met and started playing music together. Sometimes you get into an artist later in life.

But Bruce has been with us all, it's something we all share in common, a love for what he does as an artist, an entertainer, and a humanitarian to boot.

So we couldn't be more excited to take the stage at our favorite pub and revel in all things Bruce for one special evening with you, our fans (and his fans too!) See you Sept 15!


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