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Thank You for Attending our Debut Show!!

If you were out at the Satellite on Sunday, you witnessed the very first full-band full-length public stage performance of Lost Title Tracks Live.

It was a very challenging show to put together - with sound, lights, photo projection, video elements, along with DJ and photo booths, classic rock museum and library stations, and more. We were working on details right down to the last minute, and somehow someway everything went right.

We are so thankful to those of you who were there, not just for your presence and enthusiasm (the bar manager pointed out it was one of the most enthusiastic crowds he's seen in a long time!) but also for your kind words. We were really touched by the comments after the show on Facebook, and via personal texts and emails.

Below we have some photo highlights of the show (more coming soon) taken by Sterling Powers (out photographer, back-up singer, vinyl carnival organizer, awesome human, etc., see more of her work at AND some of your comments on the show.

Thanks, and stay tuned for details on our next big show on May 10th!


The Opener- living in EXILE ON MAIN STREET, with Tracker Andy and the Trackettes


Tracker Dave silhouetted by our heroes


Jammin on Exile!


Our muse was not amused... but we were! doomed to LIVE AT SAN QUENTIN!


Tracker Russ channeling the Piano Man, getting the crowd into a NY state of mind!


Tracker Dave showin his best Boss sneer during Asbury Park


Bruce Takin' it Right to the People.


Bono and Morrison backstage before Tracker Dave pedals out


Bono and Edge Preachin from the Choir Pit


Tracker Andy IS The Lizard King!


Bono and Morrison duet on What's Going On


An amazing night was had by all!


Seeing how this came together was awe inspiring. Your love letter to rock n' roll is truly beautiful. Really, truly well done. This was an awesome night.

I have a new favorite band! Great show. No, really Great.

The Title Trackers put on one hell of a show.

That was unreal. Seriously, I am so incredibly impressed. I was blown away by the showmanship, and really think the storytelling/impersonation/audience-interaction brought the album concept to a whole new level. Bravo!!!

I loved so many aspects of the show – the projection, the characters, the set list, the fun you all had, just everything.

Great show last night – Checking in to the Morrison Hotel is one of my favorite Lost Title Tracks, and Tracker Andy was spot on last night.

You guys were amazing. Congratulations. Blood on the Title Tracks was…. I don’t have the words. Well done.

That show was so good I can’t find enough superlatives!

You fuckers, that was such a great show last night! Listened to the album all day. Really really great.

Just when you think an evening can't get any better, the band covers The Beatles "Let it Be."

It WAS that good. You guys totally nailed it. What an excellent show, top to bottom. Just incredible

Best Title Tracker Show yet last night! Great job, boys!


An utterly amazing show last night!!

Thank *YOU* Trackers! What an amazing show you put on last night! Loved it!

Unbelievably great show last night –s o fun and so cool

Great show!! Congrats!!!

Last night’s show was absolutely great. The amount of time and work you put into this project shines through on every level.

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