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Behind the Record Store: VACATION VINYL

Our "Lost Title Tracks" album will be in-stores in LA this weekend, in time for our Rolling Tracker Revue 1-Day World Tour of Record Stores! One of those stores we'll be playing at is Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake (Satuday, March 14, 2pm sharp, FREE.) This is a 33-rpm haven of awesome along Sunset Blvd in the hippest hood in the city. We asked their equally-hip employee Carmen Monoxide to tell us a little more about their shop, her favorite title tracks, and more!

1) How long has your store been in business? What is your name, and who are your employees? Vacation Vinyl just celebrated her 6th birthday & we're just a bunch of weenies slangin' black wax to keep her rollin'. (Please do not interpret that as a euphemism for trafficking of illicit drugs.) 2) What is your favorite title track of all time? Why? SCHOOL'S OUT. (Editor's note: FIST PUMP!) 3) We’re sure you are as shocked and disappointed as we are that so many artists forgot to write title tracks for their albums. Looking back, what album do you feel is most in need of a title track? With the hope that The Title Trackers are asking this question in lieu of requesting suggestions for a 2nd album, I'm pitching Judas Priest's "British Steel". 4) What initially made you want to work in/own a record store? Probably glamorization of the idea by movies like Empire Records or High Fidelity, but truth reveals that no one at this shop has ever had the pleasure of taking Catherine Zeta-Jones on a date. 5) What was your most memorable/sensational vinyl “find” in your years at the store? Why? I'm still waiting for my holy grail to go out of style so some hipster will finally let go of his copy. 6) Is there a particular patron of your store who stands out over the years for their support? Who? Why? UM.... Each and every single one of our customers!! 7) What was your favorite concert experience? Why? I never had a chance to see Thin Lizzy, so let's ask this again once I've reached the afterlife.

8) There is an ongoing debate regarding the sound quality of vinyl vs. digital. But this is a boring debate. What is your favorite local bar or restaurant and why? Jumbo's Clown Room. If you just go there, we wouldn't have to say why! 9) Who is your favorite local band? Answering this question is incredibly challenging when the city you live in is constantly generating abounding talents! Lately, I've been into Prettiest Eyes. Their music confuses my ability to discern whether I want to be making out or tripping out. Although it's not impossible to simultaneously do both.... (Editor's note: no title track on their current album, for those keeping track at home. See our news piece on this silent pandemic here.) 10) Your store is in the heart of one of the hippest areas in the country. How does the neighborhood you're in play into the music you stock and the way you do business? Crack open another beer and we'll chat about it!

While you're creacking open that beer, add Vacation Vinyl on your social media, and pick up your copy of "Lost Title Tracks" at Vacation starting March 14!

Twitter - / @vacationvinyl

Instagram - / @vacationvinyl

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