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The Trackers Take Our Vinyl Obsession to the Next Level on March 14


Putting our Van where our Vinyl Is

In a first-of-its-kind event: We will embark on a one-day concert tour of LA's top vinyl shops (and let's face it, that basically means the world's top vinyl shops), starting outside Amoeba Records at 1pm.

Ever since we started this project, each of us has been getting back into the vinyl groove, digging through our basements to find our old records, getting new record players, and most importantly, spending lots of time in record stores once again- flipping through the stacks and picking up our favorite records old and new.

We presented our Lost Title Tracks promo packets to our favorite shops in town and asked them if they would host stops on our one-day record store tour. We've ended up with five stores, all within a few miles of each other, that epitomize the greatness and diversity of the record store resurgence.

Amoeba is the largest record store in the nation, catering to your every vinyl need. Vacation is a neighborhood record store in the heart of hispter-ville--yet run by metal-heads! Origami is ultra-hip--and boasts the highest stage in all the land! Rockaway is a veritable clubhouse for classic rock afficianados. And Hi-Fidelity is a sweet, well-organized shop in a cool hood.

We had the pleasure of spending time at these and many other stores all over town (which we will hit on future Rolling Tracker Revues)--a journey that has rekindled our love for the vinyl format and culture.

We are so thankful that the five stores on our tour have taken our project onto their shelves, and have allowed us to grace their stages (or lack there of!) on March 14. Each show is free, brief (so be on time!) and each has a different theme and "cameo" appearance!


1pm - Amoeba Records (sidewalk on Ivar): Stones & Petty show

2pm - Vacation Vinyl: Johnny Cash show

3pm - Origami Vinyl: U2 show

4pm - Rockaway Records: The Doors show

5pm - High-Fidelity: Springsteen and Billy Joel show

6pm - After-concert at Pig n Whistle: Hear actual and lost title tracks live


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