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Behind the Record Store: Origami Vinyl, Echo Park

The Title Trackers are set to release our vinyl record debut album "Lost Title Tracks" on March 10th, and we will be playing a whirlwind one-day tour of 5 top LA record stores on March 14th. We are honored to that Origami Records has chosen to be one of the participating stores/venue! This is a little gem of a store in Echo Park, with the highest stage in the state of California (we think.) We asked Emily, one of the members of the small but mighty Origami team, what makes Origami tick.

Title Trackers: How long has your store been in business? Who are the people who work at your shop?

Origami Vinyl: We've been here since April 3, 2009. My name is Emily.. our employees are Sean, Christine, Thomas, Ian, and Neil is the owner.

TT: What was your most memorable/sensational vinyl “find” in your years at the store? Why?

OV: We've had the Beatles Butcher Cover of "Yesterday & Today," and a press of the White Stripes live in Las Vegas (only 30 pressed for a contest!)

TT: What was your favorite concert experience? Why?

OV: Jonathan Richman is one of the best performers of all time.

TT: Interesting! Jonathat Richman is good friends with the owners of another shop on our tour, Rockaway Records, and has done several in-stores there. Meanwhile, there is an ongoing debate regarding the sound quality of vinyl vs. digital. But this is a boring debate. What is your favorite local bar or restaurant and why?

OV: We love El Prado (especially for our Tuesday night Record Club that we host) and Sunset Beer.

TT: Awesome, those are great places! Tracker Russ just went to Record Club last week and you guys were kind enough to play the whole first side of X's "More Fun in the New World" for him (an album with TWO title tracks!) See you on March 14th!

Everyone, please check out Origami online at, check out their record club at El Prado every Tuesday night starting at 9 (bring an album with you and they'll play a show side!) and of course check them out at their store, especially when we play there at 3pm sharp as part of our Rolling Tracker Revue one-day record store tour (just after Vacation, just before Rockaway!) Full details on the events page here at our website!


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