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What might it have sounded like if U2 had recorded a title track for their seminal album The Joshua Tree?


LOST TITLE TRACKS answers that question for that album and 9 other classic albums, a loving parody of the greatest artists of all time.

chopping down THE JOSHUA TREE - The Title Trackers

Preview "chopping down THE JOSHUA TREE"

What People Are Saying about "Lost Title Tracks" Album and Stage Show:

"The Greatest Songs that Never Were... Why didn't someone think of this before?" --Randy Lewis, LA Times


“The concept is brilliant. Hats off to you.” --Alan Parsons, Legendary Producer


"The Title Trackers capture the blues-pop panache, sweaty horn lines and background vocals that are the essence of Exile on Main Street"  --Matt Wake, LA Weekly


"Seriously talented musicians/satirists who've hit upon a great way of not taking themselves or their favorite artists TOO seriously"


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