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The Trackers Send GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK, NJ (Read Lyrics)



Yes, this song will be be played live for the very first time on December 14th, 2014, so stay tuned for more information on this show, but meanwhile, click PLAY to listen to the song, while you read the review of the song written by one of the most ardent Bruce fans we know, Trackie Jackie of Norway!


TRACKIE JACKIE: The Title Trackers have stumbled over a true Bruce Springsteen fanatic in me – I am a fan to the bone, body and soul. I'm honoured to be given the task to write some words for The Title Trackers, as they drop their Springsteen “Lost Title Track” - Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ.


I am from Norway, but came to the States last month to see 4 Bruce shows. As my introduction I want to tell you about the many title tracks Bruce played at the shows on my American Springsteen adventure.


Bruce played a great selection of his title tracks from his 18 studio albums. Some were steady on the set every night and others less frequently played. From the first category, the newest edition to his thick and varied catalogue - High Hopes. The title track is a cover of a Tim Scott MacConnell song. This song provides a modern freshness which proves that Bruce is standing the test of time brilliantly.


On the same album he has done a new recording of the rough, grey and dusky Ghost of Tom Joad, from the album with the same name. The new edition is taking a slamming hard rocking psychedelic angle, with Tom Morello, from Rage Against The Machine, blowing of the dust of this classic from 1995.


From 2012 we got Wrecking Ball, which is located on a more folk-rock street. Always a crowd pleaser and a stadium rocker.


Almost needless to say, the bedrock of Springsteen’s entire musical career, the one and only Born To Run, was a steady selection every night. To stand among fans who scream this national anthem into the night, as he claims his throne as The Boss, is a powerful experience.


Bruce also played The Rising. The song has become a symbol of strength, brotherhood and redemption for the American nation. I was also lucky to witness one familiar title track that many have loved for years, The River. In 1981 The River was almost left off the album, and the title track was set to be The Ties That Bind.


At my last show he went back to 1978 for one of my favourite title tracks - Darkness on the Edge of Town. It is a hauntingly beautiful song with a rare depth - the darkness is so beautifully described. Perfection! It was not a obvious choice that this song was chosen as a title track. Originally Badlands was considered to hold this position, but they needed to change it due to the release of Billy Chinnock’s album with the same title that year. There is some speculation that he actually stole the title to the title track.


Now let me take you back to the beginning, all the way to the 5th of January, 1973. The release of the album that would sow the seed to one of the greatest careers in rock history. A young aspiring singer and songwriter was to launch his first album. Filled with inspiration and tales from the Jersey shore, this wonderful seaside scenery. Equipped with a rhyming book, passion, and talent, he created Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ.


Bruce fell in love with a simple classic postcard that captured the romantic summer feeling of that vibrant beach town in the 70's. Against all odds the record company approved the card to be the cover to the album, due to the postcard-collecting head of design, John Berg at Colombia records, who obviously loved the idea. The album was put into life, brilliant but sadly lacking a title track... until now!


The Title Trackers have undertaken the big task to tribute this album with a well deserved title track. They embrace the easy and loving thematic side of the record, with glimmers of his future important subjects that would be his essence and trademark.


This song is brilliant! A great tribute. I can certainly get the feeling of the Asbury Park boardwalk, especially through their use of eclectic words and characters that parody the essence of Springsteen- words like snakeskin, sinners, cop undertaker, dawn - along with of course the racing theme that the songs wraps around. That’s what Bruce was about before Darkness on the Edge of Town. The perfect title track for the Greetings album - the escape to redemption.


So here it is, dive in, indulge - it is only 41 years overdue! "The Trackers Send GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK, NJ."

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