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a ROCK FEST in one set 

With the album Lost Title Tracks, we invented satiric title tracks for famous albums that don’t have one: Exile on Main Street, The Joshua Tree, Who’s Next, Morrison Hotel, and many others.


Lost Title Tracks LIVE is our rock n’ roll carnival brought to the stage. Jim Morrison staggers through the audience, Bono preaches to the masses, Johnny Cash riles up the prisoners of San Quentin, Bruce and Billy vie for the East Coast crown, and more. This interactive show humorously and poignantly blends rock concert and theater performance to deliver our original rock anthems. Read great reviews from the LA Times, Weekly, MetalJazz, and more!


Contact us to learn more about bringing Lost Title Tracks LIVE to your venue, private event, or festival. The show can fit many configurations, from a full-length 12-piece-band concert, to intimate acoustic record store setting, and anything in-between.



BOOKING:, 323-823-1805



STAGE PLOT JPG (Click to Download)

What People Are Saying about Lost Title Tracks LIVE:

VIDEO: Lost Title Tracks LIVE at The Satellite, LA:

Highlights from The Satellite show

The Trackers Send Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

Live at The Satellite

VIDEO: Lost Title Tracks LIVE - Rolling Tracker Revue:


Chopping Down the Joshua Tree at Origami Vinyl, LA

Kill Em All at Vacation Vinyl, LA

VIDEO: #TrackerTuesday Weekly Videos:


We Take "Born to Run" Literally

Serenading "LA Women" with Tracker Andy/Jim Morrison

What People Are Saying about
"Lost Title Tracks" Album and Stage Show:

"The greatest songs that never were. Why didn't someone think of this before?" --Randy Lewis, LA Times


“The concept is brilliant. Hats off to you.” --Alan Parsons


"The Title Trackers capture the blues-pop panache, sweaty horn lines and background vocals that are the essence of Exile on Main Street"  --Matt Wake, LA Weekly


"Seriously talented musicians/satirists who've hit upon a great way of not taking themselves or their favorite artists TOO seriously"


"This is damn good entertainment. Nobody thought it could be done, but the Title Trackers have made a great case for playing new music on oldies radio." --Greg Burk, MetalJazz


"Very clever and super fun. The musicianship is excellent, the writing goes back and forth between craftsmanlike and downright funny and the production is really good."

Peter Jesperson --New West Records

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