We are The Title Trackers. We take classic albums with no title track, and write and record parody songs answering the question:

What might it have sounded like if the artists HAD written a title track?

When we began this project, we didn’t have a band name, an album title, or any songs, all we had was one goal – to make each other laugh.


The three members of The Title Trackers have been friends and band mates in each other’s bands for over a decade. We share musical influences and sensibilities, and we share a sense of humor.


For many years, we would each come up with funny choruses to non-existent songs based on album titles with no title track - like “Exile on Main Street” or “Morrison Hotel” – with outrageous lyrics, just to get a laugh out of each other. It was quite a while before we decided that if we find this concept funny that others might too, so we sat down to actually write a whole song, starting by asking ourselves – what might it have sound like if the Stones HAD written a title track for “Exile on Main Street.”


The song came out so good, we scheduled a recording session, and when it was recorded, as we expected, it was pretty funny, but there’s something we didn’t expect – the feelings it conjured up. It sounded raw, off-the-cuff, energetic, passionate, dangerous, almost combustible. It made our hairs stand up on end, like a ghost had entered the room, the ghost of rock n roll past paying us a visit, and yet it didn’t sound old-fashioned or nostalgic. It didn’t sound like us, yet it didn’t sound like a straight-up Stones imitation (to even attempt to imitate our heroes is an exercise in futility.)


It was something new. We decided to call it a “Lost Title Track.” Not “lost” implying that this was an actual Stones outtake that fell behind a shelf never to be seen again, we meant it in a different way – it meant tapping into a great musical influence in our lives that we had lost while carving our own musical paths, by intentionally steering away from our idols so as not to be accused of imitation.


It was an opportunity to embrace that powerful yet daunting thing called influence, but with a satiric twist – a loving parody of our heroes’ quirks and larger-than-life personalities.


We knew we had to carry on, and every song on this album has a story, an evolution, a dozen epiphanies, two dozen beers, uncountable laughs, and so many memories conjured from our childhoods an formative years, and then brought back to life on tape.


We will be telling the story behind these songs on our blog over the coming months, so please check back often, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on the blog, live events, and more.


Thank you, and Track On!